Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good eve. How come the body rewards itself with a high if you starve the brain of oxygen?

It is actually not the starvation of oxygen (which will cause immediate loss of consciousness) but the buildup of carbon dioxide that causes the euphoric or confused sensation. This is called carbon dioxide narcosis.Why questions with anything in the body are best addressed to your maker (not your parents.God). BUT, many physicians and people of science think this is your brain's way of dealing with the pain and stress of asphyxiation. It gets dopey so you don't worry so much as you die.Of course, when you survive, all is good.then the headache comes to tell you not to do that again.My $0.02
My body doesn't. I get confused and can't make sense of things. Or are you talking about getting a high from starving someone ELSE's brain of oxygen?
Well I would think that its a matter of opinion if a high about to faint type feeling is a reward or a punishment. Im sure it depends on who you are and what you're trying to accomplish at that moment in time. Its just a physical effect that oxygen deprivation has on you just like tingling in the extremeties and weakness. That is the hozzle frazzle. Word.
It is how some people perceive the sensation it causes.
It is best not to experiment with this, check the Journal of Forensic Medicine for images of auto-asphyxiation. The mechanism you describe is accurate, but it is not clear how it comes about. Neuronal cell death results in firing of the Neuron, this is also prob. the cause of "white light" experience in near-death reports.
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Well, I wonder the same about why you get such a "high" when you starve the brain of food and water.? Or is it just dizziness or some kind-of twisted mental thing going on?

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