Monday, October 12, 2009

Faces of the English women, which type of genetic composition are they?

Faces of the English women, which type of genetic composition are they?
Is everything in order? How to explain the anomalies?
I don't quite know what you mean but if that's polite way of saying ugly that's a bit of a one-sided view.
english women,are the best in the world
English womens faces are genetically a mixture of thier parents DNA and are ashaped due to that fact not by them being born this side of the channel.What a weak, poorly structured question. rude!!
What exactly are you trying to say?!!
I think the serious answer to your question is Anglo-Saxon but we are a very diverse nation so there's also a good helping of Norse and Gaelic along with other cultures including the Far East. Does that answer your question?
british women are the most attractive in the world .. are you thinking that britsh women may be ugly , hope thats not what you were suggesting just look at the evidence
English women's faces have the same genetic composition as English women's bodies, which is more or less the same as the genetic composition of any woman in the world.I'd say for most of them that everything is in order, you always do get some anomalies because cell division is not a perfect process and mutations occur. What can I say, it really does happen to us all.

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