Monday, October 12, 2009

Factory noise caused my father to lose his hearing for high frequency sounds. How did this happen?

A. The sounds ruptured his eardrum
B. The sounds caused fluid movements in his semicircular canals
C. The sounds damaged his middle ear
D. The sounds ruptured hair cells in his cochlea
There are to types of sound induced hearing loss Acoustic Trauma and Chronic. Acoustic trauma is destruction of the eardrum from a single event, ie an explosion. Chronic noise induced hearing loss is from being subject to loud noise aon a regular basis. This damages the cochlea.Your father no doubt suffered from Chronic NIHL. The cochlea is part of the middle ear.
The constant vibrations end up weaking the ear drum. A is the only possible good answer in your list.
Does he suffer from Tinnitus, or is it a general loss.
As we age we lose acuity in almost all our senses.
C. The sounds damaged his middle ear

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