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Generally when you take medicine..1 time or 2 or 3 or 4 times a day, When is the right times.?

these are general guidelines and you should always seek answers from your doctor or pharmacist. these answers could completely change depending on the medication prescribed and the patient's disease time daily would usually either be in the morning (with most meds) or at bedtime.
two times daily would usually be in the morning and in the evening (around 12 hours after the morning dose).
three times a day would usually be either early morning, lunch time, dinner time (~6am, ~noon, ~6pm) or morning, late afternoon, bedtime (~8am, ~2pm, ~10pm), usually depending on if you can take it with food or not.
four times a day is tricky because the most common question is should i get up in the middle of the night to take it every 6 hours? usually the anwser is no (there are a few meds where this is required/recommended) but if you bottle says "four times a day" then something like (~7am, ~noon, ~5pm, ~10pm). if it actually says "every 6 hours" then do your best to make it that and possibly ask your doctor or pharmacist how much leeway you have.
that depends on:
what your doctor said
what the medication is for
will it irritate your stomach
what your doctor said.
Generally if you have to take medicine 4x a day it's every 6 hours. So it depends on when you take the first dose. The formula is usually to divide 24 (the number of hours in the day) by the number of times you're supposed to take the medicine. So if you take it 3x a day, that's every 8 hours; 2x a day is every 12 hours; 1x a day then you would note the time you took the first dose and take it at the same time the next day.
Ask your pharmacist. Alot depends on the medication some has to be taken with food others on an empty stomach. Some people have their own preferences based on their lives. I suggest you do something easy and convenient so you wont forget. Always follow the label instructions.
once a day may be at breakfast or bedtime
2x/day may be morning and night
3x/day divide 3 into 24 hours.
4x/day would be every 6 hours
When giving medicine, a day means 24 hours. So, if you are supposed to take medicine once a day, it means every 24 hours, twice a day means every 12 hours, thrice a day means every 8 hours etc.
The important thing is to plan your time so that you swallow your medicine at convenient times eg. during breaks or after meals.
Many drugs are best swallowed after meals as they may irritate the tummy if it's empty.
every specific drug has his specific indications and it must be taken exactly how your doc prescribed it
how many times a day do you have to take a drug depends of the drugs action,like for what and how long is there in your blood level ,and that depends on the body metabolizing the drug,and so on .. along story
and of course depends on the SIDE EFFECTS of that drug and this is an other serious considerent
so ,this is why you have a doc to help you with all this staff
and yes a MEDICINE day is 24 hours and you have to take your medicine recording to your doc prescription and build your hours as is the best for you with your doc help
what is your illness what is your Drug what is your kidney and liver function and. .
This guy was only asking generally!!. Dont put in too much reasons or sicknesses. If the doctor give you a medicine and ask you to take it 4 times a day, he never tell you the precise times. he believe you know. To me 4 times a day mean first thing when I wake up, lunch, dinner and last before i go to bed. Is this correct?
Read the prescription.

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