Monday, October 12, 2009

for doctors.?

do u think that HIV is the real cause of AIDS?there r some scientists who think that HIV is a harmless viruse..others think that HIV does not exist..
what do u think?
OK are you ready for this?
1) HIV is a latent retrovirus that does exist, there is no compelling evidence that it 'causes' AIDS. There are four articles from the early 80's that purport to be the proof of causation, yet none of them are at all compelling. Interestingly the researcher (Gallo) held a press conference in the 80's stating that he had discovered the cause of the mysterious immune disease that homosexuals were dying from in California. From reports he showed the electron micrographs of the virus(then known as HTLV) that had been taken by a foreign reseacher at the conference. Incidently, he was also involved with the patent for the HIV antibody test!
2) HIV does not obey Kochs' postulates
3) Homosexuals who had developed immune suppression in the early 80's had an unusually high incidence of an ancient world cancer called Kaposi's Sarcoma. The use of inhalants for euphoria was high in the male homosexual community. These inhalants had Akyl Nitrites in them. Interestingly, the gov. banned these in the early 90's and the incidence of Karposi's dropped.
4) the number one cause of immune suppresion in the world is what it has always been, protein calorie malnutrition. These are the pictures that we all know so well of third world children with swollen bellies(Kwashiokor), which has been around for thousands of years. The #2 cause is recreational drugs.
5) AZT the first drug used to treat AIDS was first developed in the 1960's for cancer chemotherapy. It was taken off the market because of its toxicity. Interestingly, it caused symptoms that would be expected of a chemotherapeutic drug; wt loss, hair loss, weakness, fatigue, diarrhea and it 'suppressed' the immune system.
I am not a doctor but I have never heard such a concept. I would let to know what doctors have to say on this subject.
I think it does exist and cause AIDS
i believe it is a cause of Aids. its a serious matter. and untill proven otherwise, i will stand by wat i think
it exists.really
That is a very good question and from my person observations, I believe it is actually cause by an interaction between mayonase and bananas when people make those disgusting little sandwiches.
HIV, is not a cause of AIDS it's the same disease isn't it. You firstly have HIV which then develops into AIDS, I'd love to hear a doctors opinion but The REAL cause of the HIV virus was a monkey years and years ago, who passed it into the human race.
we don't know really all we know is that hiv is the dorment assignment that indicates that the person may be prone to full blown aids at an unpredetermined time.more research, more money mr. president! we do need that stem cell research too! MR. TAKE OUR TAXES FOR WAR INSTEAD OF LIFE PRESIDENT!
I am a nurse. AIDS is the second level of HIV. If you have the virus, your immune system is open to everything, and anything that comes along.your body can't fight off simple infections. That's why you can catch rare, and almost unheard of diseases. When you catch something like that, then you are classified at the next level, AIDS. A friend who had AIDS died from a virus previously only know to cats! but his immune system couldn't take it!
No - it was a test "Vaccine" that was given to try and stop Monkeys - conceiving. seemingly sponsored by the Chinese government (in turn to be given to humans)
Turns our some " Mutant " Human somewhere in darkest Africa - well I don't have to spell it out - . caught it from one of the monkeys and it started spreading like wildfire.
Try this for a taste: HIV is a cause of AIDS, no question about that, scientific reseach has concluded. But AIDS is a generalized condition of immune defficiency. HIV just helps in causing it.Here's the kicker:There is a GOOD CHANCE that a few french and american doctors unleashed it upon humans by mistake by experimenting with polio vaccines in the central african jungle, using live tissue cultures from chimps infected with SIV, which is now 99% identical to HIV (virii do mutate in time after all). The cultures were used to grow antibodies, but given that they didn't know about the presence of the virus in the samples, they proceeded to test their vaccine and these tests were injected into hundreds of thousands of african children in Congo and surrounding areas. Check it out. Too much of a coincidence. Theory and presented laid out:
http://www.aidsorigins.comNasty eh?
I'm a med-student..n i think HIV is the cause of Aids.. its a retrovirus. that is it can change itself from RNA to DNA.. n then incorporate itself into th hosts(human) DNA. there is no "proof reading activity" of HIV n thats why it has many MUTATIONS n therefore it's RESISTANT to many drugs!
the Hiv attacks the human immune system n therefore the pateint dies of infections n other complications from whic normal ppl dont die!!
I am not a doctor, but I know Aids really exists
yeah it causes aids..and i'm not a docter!
I'm a doctor, and yes, HIV does cause AIDS. Seen it.Those who do not think HIV/AIDS exists should talk to those who have the misfortune of having it.There are crazy people in every profession, scientists included. A univeristy degree says nothing about common sense.(I also think that you should learn to type properly. u and r are not words. Spell checker is at the top right)

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