Monday, October 12, 2009

For taste: What is the opposite of Sweet?

If the opposite of Sweet is sour, then what is the opposite of bitter?
Salty?Different tastes are typically described as sweet, salty, bitter and sour.
that's a good question i always just thought of it as:
sweet-sourmaybe the opposite is just.not bitter?! lol
I guess sweet has three opposites, sour, bitter and salty, at least that's how I would see it. After all I don't think there are any other opposites to bitter and salty
i would say not sweet.
I refuse to believe that tastes have opposites.
Not everything has an opposite you know, things can co-exist without being completely opposing forces. Rather than a food having an opposite of a particular taste, there would just be a lack of its presence.
sweet and sour
It simple; sour isnt bitter yet.I wont elaborate any further .you can draw you own conclusion.
From a logic point of view the opposite of sweet would be not sweet, and the opposite of bitter would be not bitter. This would be the best argument because there are various degrees of sweet,sour and bitter. If a solution is sweet to some degree then what would the degree of sourness need to be to be it's opposite? If it is just not sweet then it is opposite.
what is the oppisite of sweet?

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