Monday, October 12, 2009

Flatfeet and toenails (not for the nauseous)?

Before I saw the pediatrist about a fourth (yes, fourth) ingrown toenail in the same few months, I went to my family doctor's office. He said I had flatfeet, which struck me as odd (many things don't), because I had never thought about it and never really thought it mattered much. What does flatfooted-ness really mean for buying shoes and stuff? Is it hereditary?At the newly-perscribed pediatrist's, he explained that the shape of my toenail is curved wierd (also hereditary), which would explain why each ingrown nail formed on the right of the right foot big toe and on the left of the left foot big toe. Apparently it has to have this chemical-thing in it that "destroys whatever it touches when exposed to alcohol, so that the matrix of the nail won't grow into your skin" or something like that. Please someone explain this to me. I don't want to walk around thinking the matrix is under my toe, or to thinking I need padding (which was mentioned) at the bottom of my shoes.Help?
Wow. 4 ingrown toenails .that's impeding on my record (no pun intended).
you need arch supports, they are usually made of a sort of plastic and yes padded to some degree, without this, your foot will stay the same, the arch support will help angle the foot in the proper position to not rub as it has been doing.
as for the flat feet, your podiatrist might be able to give you arch supports. they're pretty lame to have to wear, but they are specially molded for your feet so that you slide them down into your shoe as an insert and wear them as much as possible. gradually, the muscles and tendons in your feet will adapt to conform to the arch of the support so eventually you can stop wearing the inserts and your feet will be more for the ingrown toenail, i have no clue.
You dont need to so a doctor for an ingrown toenail. Just go and get some nail clippers, and pliers. cut the ingrown toenail in a fashion that it is isolated from the rest of the toenail, yet there is something for you to grab on with pliers. Using the pliers, grab the ingrown nail, and yank it out. 1 second of pain, and hours of relief. This is what I do. As for the flat footedness, you cant do anything about it. Get some Dr Scholls soles or something.
Don't remove the ingrown toenail yourself! This can lead to serious infection, and the nail will continue to grow back, cause you more pain. Best to listen to your podiatrist and have it removed, with no worries of pain in the future. Killing the matrix of the nail prevents that part of the nail from growing back, therefore alleviating the problem. As for the arch supports, the reason why you may have ingrown toenails is because of your flat foot. It is wise to at least get some padding for your foot, but the arch supports will help you more in the long run.

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