Monday, October 12, 2009

For The Doctors, Nurses, or Anyone Else.How Do You Know?

I already posted this in Health, but wasn't sure what section was the best to put it in. Anyway, I was wondering do Dr.'s have like a certain set of scores or grades they have to make in order to be able to practice medicine. Is there like a base line score that everyone has to meet? What if their scores are like barely passing, but they do just enough to meet the requirements to become a Dr.? Like if they screwed around in medical school, really slacked off, but did JUST enough to make it through, then what? No offense to any Dr.'s because I admire what they do, i'm just asking because one of our Professors was like, "would you rather have a Dr. who made C's or a Dr. who made A's?" C is average, A is excellent, so how do you know who has what? What if you get a C average Dr.? Does that mean you will get C average care?
You need A's to get into medical school.
You need to pass your courses in medical school to graduate.
You need to pass your boards after medical school regardless of your performance in medical school.
You need to survive your internship and residency after medical school.
You need to pass your specialty boards after residency or fellowship.
Students in medical school were tops in their pre-med performance, but of this group some are smarter than other academically, but who becomes the best doctor has more to do with aptitude than passing exams.
Here is a website where you can locate doctors, check credentials, ratings, etc.
It really depends on the country.Mostly high grades and aptitudes get you in med school.
After med school, you still need high grades to go into a specialization of choice other times, its limited and for example specialization only has room for 30 doctors, so they choose the best grades.
after that sub specializations, can be taken without any requirement.
Do you know what they call the person who graduates last in his med school class? Doctor
I think you have to look at the general character, work ethic %26 bedside manner of the Dr.
Just because someone got c's doesn't mean they "slacked" off in med school. They could have had a family, or had to work jobs, etc. I know people that graduated with high honors that don't work hard and aren't very good "detectives of medicine". I would rather hire the b's %26 c's person if they were working and gaining experience in other areas, etc. Does that make sense? I know many "intelligent" Dr's that I would HATE to have as my physician.
Like, like, like, like, like, like, and like!
In India all that matters is your caste and money, if you are of the lower caste or you have enough money to bribe your way in, only then can you enter a Govt Medical college
There is a 75% reservation for people of lower caste, some students actually scored in negative in premedical tests but still got an admission (shocking, but true)
I have a friend who paid 5 lakhs to get into a meidcal college, every year and I mean every single year the PMT question paper is out before exam.
So in India at least we have a simple parameter of judging the doc's credentials, if of the lower caste, run as fast as you can, if of the upper then go ahead
My mom had to see a gyn today, the doc who ended up checking her was a lower caste one, my mom came back home, and then went to see another one , after paying 100 times more than she did to the 1st one (ya 100 times its not a typo)

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