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help me soooooooooooooooooon?

well firstly im 22yr old female studying to be a dentist. im in my final yr. exams are coming up in few months. mm. actually one thing thats most important to me is sleep. which im unable to enjoy. every night i wake up at 2am %26 stay awake til 6am then i doze for an hr and rush to college. this makes me fatigued,poorly rested %26 irritable. i've tried reading something or closing my eyes shut.. counting sheeps ? nothing works. i tried anxiolytics once. i still woke up but kinda stayed up for 2 hrs then managed to i depressed? i used to go through severe chronic depression in my 1st yr where i had irregular sleep patterns and had severe back ache. i tend to be a worry wart %26 run away from my problems. my other medical problems are - hypothyroid,poly cystic ovarian disease %26 peptic ulcer late i've even developed migraine which typically occurs during my stressed out times.
please help
Sleep problems and physical pain are often signs of Major Depression. With your history of depression, the likelihood of a re-occurance is high. I suggest that you find a good psychiatrist (often universities have a decent mental health service) who can help with the sleep and provide an antidepressant. You will also likely need a good therapist to help you cope with all the pressures you face and help you learn healthier coping strategies. Keep in mind, though, that if a person is quite depressed, you can't talk yourself out of it and psychotherapy is of limited value without an antidepressant on board.
that will cure it. good night and sweet dreams.
rest and study do good job
have you talked to a doctor it sounds like stress brings it on or have you tried over the counter sleep aids this might help
Amelia, Try doing more relaxing things before heading to bed for instance do not eat or drink anything and don't watch t.v or read. There are studies that show that this can sometime prevent you from falling asleep or sleeping throughout the night. Try to esta- blish a set bed time and adhere to it as much as possible. Also make your bed the designated area for sleeping only. If you tend to study and watch t.v. on your bed it could also be part of your problem. Best of luck and I hope some of this helps you.
I think you answered your own question. It could be bcause you are stressed about school, could be depressed because of other issues, or could be something else you're not sharing. Talk to somebody about everything that's on your mind. If that's not possible, vent by writing out all your thoughts, you worries, your concerns.
Calm down!!
Before you get ready for bed, start about an hour to an hour and a half before bed and try to wind down. Take a nice bath, or read a book. People are in such a hurry today that they think they can just jump under the covers and turn off like a light. It doesn't work that way. As an adult, we only need about 4 hours of sleep anyway.
Have a glass of milk before you turn in, sometimes this helps too.
If you continue to have these problems, and nothing helps, see your doctor, and ask for a non- habit forming sleep aide.
* Sitting on the computer all night won't help, either.
So sorry to read your message.Something for sure is troubling your mind. Thats the reason why it is unable to shutdown.There are some things that can make you feel that your problems are managable. Think about all the not-so-fortunate people of Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Sri lanka who don't know what will happen to them the next second. Imagine the sufferrings of hunger in most parts of Africa. All the civil wars. On the other hand, there are so many girls around the world who are exploited, forced into doing things against their wishes. how about people sufferring from AIDS, without eye-sight, carrying cancer cells etc etc.May be you are in better position than some of them. The things that are troubling you may not be that worthy.If you can, seek professional assistance. Talk to a clinical pshychiatrist. Some medications will improve your sleep and help a faster transition to normalcy. All the very best :) Cheers
In todays' life style your type of problem is very very common.
Regarding your sleeplessness, it is purely due to tension. Whatever is causing the tension you should identify and try to relieve of the tensions.Regarding the other health part for all the problems, one single solution is Yoga. It works like wonder and miracles. I have personal experience with that. Yoga and meditation is the complete solution for your all the problems
First, make sure that your room is DARK. I mean cover all of your windows and anything else that it takes. The sun regulates our sleep paterns, and artificial light tends to make us sleep lighter. Then go to your local health food store, and get some melatonin. Suspension works best, but sublingual tabs work pretty well too. Melatonin is a chemical that our bodies secrete when the sun goes down and the world gets dark. It is a natural sleep aid. You might have to take a higher dose than normal, but as long as you keep within the guidelines on the packaging, there should be no problem. I have done this off and on for years, and I have found that the key is that when you feel sleepy, go to bed RIGHT THEN, don't wait and do this or that. The effect wears off pretty quickly. I end up sleeping a good deep sleep, but then when I wake up, I feel rested, and not at all drowsy.
for ulcers you can take pinapple juice, for depression you can take saint john's wart, for sleep you can take Kava. (stay away from Valium root. ovarian disease I have no idea. I would go see a doctor if I was your.
Clearly you have tension due to your career, your medical history is very influential.
peptic ulcer.ouch
migraines.double ouchof course your on the edge, anyone would be.
I suggest you hang tight till you finish your exams and take a vacation.I study medicine and i really dont sleep, i know what its like and dont wish anybody my way of life and rutine.
but every sacrafice has its reward.
sounds like you are just sooooo stressed. Thank goodness you are in your last year. talk to any medical student and they will tell you sleep is all they want. Try not to do anything stimulating after about 8 or 9. take a warm bath with candles around. soft music and undisturbed. a small glass of wine wouldn't hurt. soak a while. then go straight to bed, no tv or reading. I like white noise in my bedroom. I have a low hum of an aircleaner. I breath deep while relaxing. start at the toes and imagine them relaxing. move up the ankles, shins, knees, thighs etc. visualizing each group relaxing. you might have to practice it several times. there are also cassettes you can get that will help you doze off. I've used those too. my brain just has a hard time winding down. You will probably be a whole lot better after school. hang in there. m
The word "chronic" (you said, yourself, "depression") suggests a problem that will coming back. Sleeplessness is often related to depression. See your doctor. Do one fun little thing or yourself evry day, and get into a support group with folks similar to yourself. Your problems obviously aren't going away on their own, so you'll have to take the initial steps for getting the help you need. None of us does anything completely on our own.
First of all i'm suprised that someone studying in a quasi-medical profession would seek advice from yahoos. Would you think it wise of me to ask the general public about root canal procedure?
You obviously have some serious medical conditions that need to be investigated. The correct source of such information is a doctor. If I were in your shoes I'd have a sleep study done.
Read the information and testimonials on my page.Let me know if I can help?

help me someone?

my gf as an experiment wants to give me 4 viagra is it ok wats the worst that can happen?
If one Viagra can give you as a bad side effect a 4 hour erection, maybe 4 will give you 16 hours of solid state. Don't do it mate.
What is she trying to achieve by doing so? Can't get enough of you? (only joking)!Personally I would NOT go 4 it. Remember,, too much of anything is bad 4 u. Do not take any risks. If you must, then take one. For the sake of experimenting maybe take 2, but do not exceed. Having said so, if you do go for 4, come back and tell us what happened if you live to tell.
do you take nitroglycerin ( think if you take that and viagra you may explode, not sure though) if not then go ahead, nothing bad will happen to you
She wants to kill you?
Are you self aware, that she has no interest in your health.The least that can happen is you fall into cardiac arrest.don't!if its a issue about lasting then use those condoms with codeine.
DO IT, for 10 hours plus! she will be dry before you are done.
Priapsiam or however you spell it. An erection that lasts for more than 4 hours! Can be painful and damage penile tissue. May make one permanently impotent. Let your body do its job naturally, huh?

help me please!!I need your best answer..?

You are working as a physician in a neighborhood clinic that serves patients from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. Guidelines from your clinic supervisor indicate that you are to spend no more than ten minutes on any patients that you have previously seen. You end up spending an average of twenty minutes during each of three separate follow-up appointments with one individual. This woman is financially disadvantaged, drug dependent, and has a number of problems related to her primary illness. You are called in by your supervisor (possibly an M.B.A. and not a medical doctor) for not following clinic guidelines. How would you respond to your supervisor's reprimands? More generally, how do you feel about the tendency in the United States for people's health care to be treated increasingly as a business?
To me, this sounds like a homework question. I'll give you my answer and opinoin, though (cause I like to do that). :)I would first say that the amount of time necessary for a patient visit depends on the number of problems and complexity of their condition. You have a professional obligation to render the proper care to each patient you see. Each time you see a patient, you complete a billing form which indicates the level of complexity (1-6) billing code for the visit, and this corresponds directly to the amount of time you would take and the amount of money paid for the visit. The clinic collects money (however small) for what you bill based on your assessment of the time required. More importantly, you should be able to predict (with some exceptions for new illnesses) what level visit you will have with the patient at their next visit. Since the clinic is compensated based on time required, they should schedule the patients based on this as well. For example, level 6 patient encounters can take 45-60 minutes easily while level 1 can take less than 5. I would say that if the clinic is billing for more time than was spent with the patient they are committing insurance fraud and if they expect me to participate, they are mistaken. Medicine is a business and as physicians, we are obligated to be both professionally and financially responsible. When a physician is an employee, they must conduct themselves with honesty and integrity for both the care given and the billing of insurance or government programs. There is no tendency in the US toward treating medicine like a business (that has always been the case), however, there IS a tendency toward treating doctors like a public utility, which is pushing many of my colleagues out of medicine altogether.Good luck with your paper.
I think it stinks.
Pt care should always come first. You sound like a caring physician. Perhaps this clinic is not the best place for you to be. We could use more physicians like you. Stick to your principles.
I'd move somewhere where health care is better.
to long but i think it's dumb
It's about the more money now and making as much as they can. It is no longer about the people.
yeah i thinks its stinks too
It is unfortunate that doctors are in in an environment that values weatlh over health. Think about private practice, that's where the money is anyway.
I would respond to the supervisor by reciting the Hippocratic oath. I think that medicine should be run as a business, after all doctors have bills to pay too, but like all good businesses there needs to be some flexibility and compassion. A human element has to remain also.
It's happening everywhere and in every business. There has to be a balance I think. Try to stand up for what you think is right in this situation. When this idiot comes in for a follow-up treat him in 10 minutes and see how he likes it. If he is coming in to have stitches removed only take out half of them and say he has to take out the rest by himself for example.
Not every ones Medical problems can be boiled down to seconds.
I'd look for a better place to work or start your own practice.
When meeting with your supervisor let him know that you are recording or going to write down his comments. Also, request that another employee also be in attendance to verify the information given by your supervisor. If needed, contact the medical board. I think the tendency is inhumane! I hope things work out the right way for you!
What in the world is going on in the world today, I've noticed when I go to the doctor they don't spend much time trying to understand whats wrong with me, there rushing me out the door to move on to the next person and it bothers me, that's why many people end up really sick or even dieing cause you go to the doctor these days and just guess what's wrong with you, they don't thoroughly check you anymore, this bothers me cause we spend so much a month paying for insurance and co pays and then we leave there thinking to our self why the heck did I even go to the doctor they didn't help me and it costs me a fortune.Why in the world can you only spend ten minutes with these clients, more than likely your boss will say cause there so many people to see we don't have time, well these hospitals need to hire more people that's the answer to that in the world can you get in trouble for spending more than ten minutes with a patient, to me it just shows you care about each person that comes in there, I'd respond to my supervisor by informing him you could get in trouble misdiagnosing people and it sometimes takes longer than ten minutes to figure out what is wrong with a person.i don't know, this irritates me,.good luck
The American people have brought this on themselves. They asked for affordable health care and they got it.HMO's. Doctor's have lost final word in health care. That decision is now made by adminiastators who look at bean counter records.
I am a nurse and worked in areas where there were many minorites and majority of people on medicaid. It is very sad when medical decisions are based on a business and numbers and quotas. We went into medicine to actually give people our time and attention now we have to worry about spending too much time with a patient and be a computer programmer too with our documentation. I think it is very sad. If the director has more of a business degree and outlook then she really shouldn't be in the position to oversee the clinical portion of the clinic. I would ask my fellow colleagues their opinion and tell her you are doing the best that you can but you went into medicine to help people not to help the economical numbers. Good luck!
I think this situation calls for the separation of work and, well, the rest of your life. Obviously, this physician is compassionate and wants to make an impact on society. But his desires conflict with the interests of the business he works for, affecting his employment status. I would apologize to the supervisor and start working according to his guidelines, but I would also start spending time volunteering at free clinics. That way I could fufill the interests of my supervisor and my desire to help the communtiy. But it is a shame that something as kind as medical care can be reduced to an uncaring business in these United States.
Everything about America is great, except for the health care system. Its cheaper to just die. I have a will, and in this will it states that I not be resuscitated for any reason, I would Rather die painfully from cancer than have to put my family through the financial burden of AMERICAN HEALTH CARE!! I praise "you" for your work and caring attitude towards those who need it. I say "you" should become a doctor, and help people the way "you" are now.
i think its terrible, because if something happens to that patient because you had to rush, your the one thats liable. i would find a practice that is pro patient, i work for an aurora hospital im not sure if the clinic is the exact same but we put patient care first.
The problem is that health care is getting too expensive for any of us but the really rich to afford. If you take a half-hour for 1 patient, when you could have seen 3, that means you are 3 times as expensive for the clinic as somebody who follows the rules. Can they hire 2 more people? will you take a cut in pay so they can do that? Do you have any sympathy for the people who did not get to talk to you that day and were told to come back another time?Not even your clinic has unlimited people, time or money.The rich don't want to pay for health care for poor people. Their doctors give them all the time they want. Keep voting Republican, so we can decrease the surplus population and then everybody who's left will be able to afford health care.
I would simply tell the supervisor that I became a physician to help people and if I am forced to break a few clinic guidelines to do so then so be it. Youre right about the horribly increasing habit of health care becoming a business but sadly there doesnt seem to be much we can do about it. I recently discovered that when a politician receives a letter he treats it as if 20 other people feel that way yet didn't send in a letter so maybe writing to your local Congressperson or Representative could help. I would also consider opening a clinic or private practice of my own. Best of luck and please pass on all our best wishes to this woman in need! Thank you for the amazing job you are doing helping all these people in trouble!
Sorry boss I'll try to do better.
Health care is a business. No one wants to work for free.
this is an ethical question and one you have to answer a daughter to someone who needs constant medical attention this is appalling to me but increasing becoming a frequent habit.if this person is not a doctor or your supervisor tell him your opinion.i guarentee that your way will bring more business to your clinic
It really stinks! Its actualy quite sad. I'd hate to do your job. Its almost like you're not aloud to actually help people.
Tell them you took an oath to heal people, and you cannot heal someone without the necessary info.and that your conscience will not allow you to let someone walk out that you don't think you have done your best to heal. That a veterinarian may be able to heal with trail and error, but your are not working on animals.
i think that is suck the way the us treats health care.i lived in Louisiana and had good docs,i came to California 6 months ago and have been to many diff docs they have treated me like ** and didnt even want my records. all they was concrened about was if my insurance was HMO or POS which i tried to tell them i have both.i have never had trouble with how my ins was till i came here.all they was wanting was there money and never listened to what i had to say about my health.the patient should come first i really feel for you.
Easy, say you are thinking of the company. If your diagnosis is wrong - because of the complexity of the issue , then the practise may be sued but by making sure you had the full info and giving the right advice you have saved the company from a potention law suit and bad name.
Being the money grubbers they are, they might appreciate the fact that you are looking out for them.
Firstly, I would ask that the policy of ten minutes per patient be clarified- is this truly meant to be a "guideline" (which is there to provide guidance), or as a hard and fast rule? Clearly you had reason to consider it the former, and if so, your supervisor needs to make it clear what s/he expects.Secondly, I do indeed think health care should be treated as a business- with the PATIENT as the client. Not the payers. You are clearly trying to serve your clients' needs, and that's to be commended. Obviously, cost containment is an issue, but if this is an incident involving only one "client" whom you have reasonably determined needs more care, I think you should be able to reason with your supervisor. I think you can clearly make an argument that the level of care you are providing both in general and specifically in this case fits a business model. You are providing the best care now, to prevent future costly complications and/or errors.I don't mind health care being treated as a business- if the patient is considered the customer or client.
I was ready to answer this question, but CALIDOC knocked it out well. It's difficult to deal with medicine as a business. I have a very difficult time with this myself. Unfortunately in medical school, there is no rotation in 'what the hell have I gotton myself into here'? You're not trained in the humanism of man, rather, the science of man. Your life is overwhelmed in the vast chasm, chaos. As someone who is so young and uninformed, it's a battle. You'll come to be in your own time. My promise from very early on was go to bed only if I had taken care to the best of my ability. I actually became to crazed , and became a psychologist. It turned out perfectly. I work with cardiac patients, and their families. It's the best. Good choices my friend. Kym
Is good to help, but sometime you can not have time to help all the people. In this case u must choose (more time to one or little time to more people). U decide.

help me i need 2 know the rbc devlopment and maturation stages?

erythroblast ---%26gt; reticulocyte-----%26gt; erythrocyte
refer guyton and hall textbook of human physiology
Hemocytoblast--%26gt;Proerythroblas. (Committed Cell)--%26gt;Early Erythroblast--%26gt;Late Erythroblast--%26gt;Normoblast--%26gt;Re. ErythrocyteRibosome synthesis occurs at the early erythroblast stage, followed by hemoglobin accumulation during the late erythroblast and normoblast stages, then ejection of the nucleus from normoblasts and formation of reticulocytes. The reticulocytes are released from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. After a day or two in circulation, the reticulocyte becomes a mature erythrocyte when its ribosomes are degraded by enzymes.
Try Henry ---%26gt; the bible of Medical Technology . you'll find it there for sure.. or for faster solutions.. try Wikipedia

Help for a new college student.?

I am enrolled in Texas A%26M, the first semester of the freshman year will start this fall. i am currently enrolled in the general studies department because i was not sure what i wanted to study. right now, i am very interested in doing pre-medical.. however the problem is that i have not quite concentrated in my science classes during my high school, focusing on other subjects instead. i have not taken a single science AP class. can you give me some good advice on how i can compensate my lackings and recuperate. any help would be greatly appreciated.
My high school was too small to offer AP science classes. However, I did quite well when I got to college. You will find that there are plenty of students in the same boat as you. In fact, those students who did well at AP won't be in your fall semester classes anyway, because they probably passed the test and got credit. They'll join in 2nd semester, and it will be that much more difficult for them, as it will have been a semester since they had science. Here are some tips for success: 1. Form a study group. It always helps to have a little extra motivation.2. Do all of your homework. Homework isn't for the prof, he/she probably won't even grade it. It helps you learn the material.3. Do EXTRA problems. My profs bought the solutions manuals (if yours don't, you could buy it yourself) and put them in the library so that we could check all of our work.4.Tutor. It is when you can teach the material to another person that you begin to truely understand. I tutored my way through college, and found that it was not only a great money maker (and I could set my own hours), but it helped me learn the most. Now of course, this one will only work as long as your grades are kept up.but again, its extra motivation.Good luck! You will do fine.
Just jump right in. Get enrolled in Bio, and maybe even Chem, or at least pre-calc or calc right away this first semester. Study your butt off, and get an A. Med schools won't look at your high school grades, but rather, your college grades. So don't worry, and good luck!
You don't NEED to have taken AP classes in high school to keep up. Any classes that you need can all be accomplished while in college. Just choose classes carefully. Double up whenever you can (maybe you can find a history that counts as a philosphy too, or a psychology that counts as a general humanties too, etc). And that will give you a little extra space in your busy schedule. Good luck!
Agreeing with the above answer, you do not need to take Ap courses to do well in college. I have a few friends that were pre-med that did not go to med school ( I was one-I am a chemistry teacher now). One of them did not major in science at all. He was a history major. So don't stress, often med schools look for people with some science background (basics and a few upper level science courses). They also look for people that are well versed in life, and have a solid background of knowledge. You may want to look at a few pre req's for some med schools. Also compare MD to DO schools. Start to get a grip on what you want to do, but keep in mind most people change their major a few times in college. That is ok as well. Good luck!
Every undergraduate school works differently, but you don't have to complete a pre-med program to go to med school. You can have any major you want. All med schools require is that you have at minimum two semesters of biology, four semesters of chemistry (2 semesters of gen chem, and 2 semesters of o chem), two semesters of physics, and depending on the school, one to two semesters of calculus. If you feel intimidated by science, this is a great approach to take, especially if you have a lot of different interests. In fact, a lot of med schools these days like it when you have a non related major because it gives you a more rounded education. But, if you want to go to med school, there are a few things you should do besides taking the required courses.
1) Get Experience. The best way to do this is to either volunteer at a hospital or clinic and to shadow a doctor. Med schools want to see that you are truly interested. It's not too late to start this summer.
2) Get Involved in school. Make sure that you are active in some organizations on campus once school starts, but make sure that you can keep your grades high. Be involved in a few things, but don't spread yourself so thin that you don't have time to study. Being involved in off campus organizations is fine also.
3) Get good grades. If you want to get into the best med schools, then you have to be better than most applicants. Make sure that academics are a priority. An easy way to do that is to get all of your school work done during the week so that you can have fun on the weekend.
4) Get a good MCAT score. Doing well in your chemistry, biology, and physics courses will definitely help you do well, but study guides and tutoring are also well worth the money. Companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review have very good success rates on students receiving better scores.Don't be intimidated and work hard. If you want to go to med school, you can make it happen. If you find yourself having trouble in one of your classes, make sure you get help from the professor, TA, or departmental tutor quickly before you fall behind. Professors want you to succeed, but you have to put forth the effort to do so. Don't be afraid of asking for help. I hope this information helped! Good Luck!
You could also limit the amount of time you spend on the computer for non-school projects.

HELP by wensday pls.. how can i do drug calc in my head easiest way. dopemine, lido, Epi.. drips, Iv push TY

first, memorize the dosages and the drip rates they need to be set at. for lidocaine, think of a clock. 0, 15, 30, and 45 seconds respecively are 1mg, 2mg, 3mg, and 4mg/min. For other drugs, use division- divide amount of solution (mL) by amount of drug(mg) to get the concentration. EX. If you have 10mL of epi with 1mg in the 10mL, then the concentration is .01mg/mL. If you needed to give the drug then, and the dose was .3mg, then you know you would need 3mL.
parmacology is tough, you gotta be right on. I would say the two most important things are knowing units and conversion, and knowing the formulas. If you email me with some questions or problems I may be able to help you.

Help / advice?

My husband underwent an abdominoplasty mid June 2006. He was okay, and then the first two weeks, a lot of liquid was oozing out of his stitches, which we were told is quite normal. Then on the right side of his stomach the wound opened up and it was really gross to look at it. Then again we were told that there is a large collection of liquid (i think its protein, or some kind of thing that comes through when the fats all gone in between the skin and muscles) so he has to be taken in for another session of emptying thecollection. Again, in mid July he was taken in and we were told that the collection has been removed, and he is okay. Now though he was healing, again on the right side, the skin was opening up, and this time it was some infection, which we were treating him with antibiotics. and the opening was becoming yellow in color, and again, he was taken in a third time in August last week saying all the dead skin will be cut, and he would heal faster..September mid, we complete 3
Get a second opinion and a lawyer
smetimes it takes time to heal but dnt lose hope hell be alright in notime.have faith in god .ur hubby has had three surgerys at the same place so the wound is big ,its normal that it needs a longer healing time.
As BEEZ said, you need a second opinion. Run, dont walk to another doctor.A truly good physician has no problem with people getting second opinions.
Find yourself a malpractice lawyer immediately!
Do you think one of the Dr's left a sponge or some kind of foreign object inside of him? That does not sound normal. You should have another Dr. check this possibilty out just to be on the safe side. Good luck.

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