Sunday, May 23, 2010

have there been any people born without navals?

The umbilical cord (which connects to the navel) is necessary for sustenence during fetal development. Therefore if one did not have a navel, he would not survive.
Can't happen. That is the only thing keeping the fetus alive. So there would have to be some sort of umbilical attachment somewhere on the body. However, its possible to look like you have a very unnoticeable navel.but that is just random.
its not possible, unless you believe in creation in which case Adam and Eve wouldn't have them
You mean human people? Only if there's been any cloning I haven't heard about. The navel is formed when the umbilical cord falls off the baby. The umbilical connects to what feeds the baby while its in the womb. So I doubt if anyone's been born without it.
No, only on TV. There is a new show called Kyle XY, and the main character is found naked in the woods. He doesn't have a navel (in billboards adversting the show, he his shown lifiting up his shirt to reveal this fact; also seen in link below)
Some had no navals, but only because they were landlocked and had no access to an ocean.
It is not possible to be born without a naval. The umbilical cord supplies the nutrients and oxygen needed for the fetus to grow and removes wastes that can be poisonous if not removed. However, it is possoble that the naval could be found in a different spot than the belly in the case of some birth defects (I don't know of any, but it could happen as long at it connected veins and arteries of the fetus to the placenta).
Kyle XY..
On TV.
Stop watching too much tv and get out more. =)
Adam and Eve.
yeah, all the time, they are everywhere.

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