Sunday, May 23, 2010

Haw are Lasers used in the world?

Theres too much it can do! I think the world is using mostly lasers for surgeries now because it is safer and more precise.We use lasers for corrective eye surgery, to get rid of hair on our body permanently.and now theres liposuction with lasers!Its used widely for cosmetic surgery.Other uses are for reading bar codes, for laser tag games, virtual games, and to read discs and cds. Its limitless!
to correct vision
Laser eye surgery and operations
obtic firbes
to cut materials e.g wood cutting laser
to cut diamonds and metals
Um, laser guns battles, CD's, eye surgery, DVD's, computers, presentions by business men, shot outs, blinding ppl, annoying teachers.the list just goes on. :)
Reading bar codes more than anything.
Reading barcodes, Laser tag, Corecting vision, And sometines even surgery.
cd players use a laser, they're actually a lot more common then most ppl realise
Cutting some of the hardest substances such as Diamonds with great precision.
Surgeries of all kinds like skin , eye .
Used to read information
Used to transfer information.
Used in weapons technology
Used to measure distance , speed etc
Lasers are used surgically, to remove unwanted hair, to stop bleeding. But if you want other answers, post this question in a category other than "medicine".
To measure exact distance within millimeters between the moon and the Earth.

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