Monday, October 12, 2009

Fixing Vocal Cord Paralysis?

I have one paralyzed vocal cord and i sound like i have laringitis. Has anyone delt with this and had it fixed? If so how did the result turn out? Are u able to scream and sound normal? Thanx
Ouch, not having the voice you are used to can oftentimes be frustrationg. In response to the second half of your question, I too have dealt with this condition and I'll tell you how,Because your vocal cords are dmaged, you want to make sure that you do not strain them more than what is neccesary. For instance, if your voice isnt back yet, accept that and WHISPER, do not try to bring your normal voice back by forcing yourself to talk or else the problem will become worse and it will take longer to heal.AVOID drinks with caffeine and if you plann on whispering, DO NOT drink clod beverages, these are irritants that can cause further damage.DO make sure you eat healthy, yoiur windpipe, strongly associated with the vocal cords and such, is built up od many cells that are responsible for breaking food down. So if you pig out on pizza and the well known no no's, then it might take longer to heal.Lastly, do not let this problem persist for more that two weeks, if it does, go to the otholaryngologist.
I know one person who had injury to one of the recurrent laryngeal nerves, and had a procedure done at the Mayo clinic; there had to be some touch-ups, but the individual has returned to an excellent singing voice, so I have to figure that would indicate a really good result.Screaming? Never checked. Tell you what, you want I should tred on his toesies next time I see him, and tell you how the scream is? NOT! Chuckle!
Please see the webpage for more details on Laryngeal nerve paralysis.

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