Monday, October 12, 2009

For all the docs out there!?

Why a doc? and not a psychologist? Do you enjoy your job? Was med school worth it? Or would you go back and study something else? Whats the best and worst parts?
Kerilynn. yes there is. Hah!Why a doc? Good question. I started out wanting to be an occupational therapist, but found that I was intellectually bored in those classes, and decided on medical school.I found my home in anesthesiology, and I love my job. I make a great living, have a decent home life (husband + 3 kids), and get to stick long needles in people's spines. Most jobs don't let you do that! :)The best part is when you can touch another person's life - sometimes literally - and make a bad situation ok for them. Most of my patients aren't having surgery for fun, and I like to be able to take some of the stress out of that. I also enjoy the OR atmosphere.The worst part is tracheotomy sputum, vomit and other bodily fluids. But you learn to wear gloves and stand out of the way. That's why anesthesia is nice - we don't often have to deal with the messy parts. Plus we get to be in total control. And wear pajamas all day.
Med school is the best , with all those chicks and cool life hmm it was great .
But this JOB SUCKS man. I am in to Information technology now It pays well and no seeing one crazy nut after other.
They tip the waiter for nothin that he made but DR.They dont even thank us..
do you really think there is a doctor on here?
Psychologists don't get to learn all the cool stuff that I have learned. Whether or not I enjoy my job is a complex question. With that qualification said, I will say no. This has been studied and anywhere from 15-50% of doctors answer similarly depending how the question is asked. Med school was not worth it. It is a *** and not for the faint-hearted. The worst part is that it jades you.If I had to do it over, I would have done something that involves using my creativity. Medicine offers little chance to be creative.Best parts:
1. Better sense of world than most will ever have
2. Much knowledge accumulation
3. Has taught me humility (ironic since much of the reason I became MD was because I perceived it as prestigious)
4. $$$Worst parts
1. Jaded (goes along with #1 above)
2. less free time then 90% of people I know
3. Stress and more stress
4. Don't start making money/settling down till early thirties at soonest.
why a doc? so one has to be in some profession so medicin is best as a profession, yes i do enjoy my job a lot.the feelings of being a doc is unexplainable. Its the most respectable profession in the society which i belong esp for females. n if i m given the choice to choose again i wud definatly choose medicine again. the best thing abt it is that we deal "human' the most worthy creation on earth. n the feelings r awesome when u treat a pateint n he/she gets cured. Though i m newly graduated but whtever i have learnt i feel i can do somthing , i simply love this profession, n worst thing!! so "death" is worst in this feild. u have to see person dieing in front of u n u r just helpless, esp if it is a young death.
but on the whole i wud say "medicine is best no doubt"
I believe I would study medicine again, I might not choose the same speciality but definitely go to medicine. I love my job,the best part of the job is when you save someones life and he/she and the family appreciate. the worst part is working in NHS with all these managers!
I would do it again! I wanted to be a lawyer but then i saw my aunt die and the drs where really dehumanized w her. So i started thinking about making the diference. I also live in a poor country and im able to see how hard is to have a good and cheap health attention. So i wanted to help poor people by every sunday going to rural areas to give them my knowledge 4 free. And also not only cure people but help them to die w dignity and love. Studing is really HARD, ur never out. ur always reading, and wotking in hospitals or rural areas while u got ur degree. U sleep 5 hours a day if ur lucky while ur studing, u have 15 mins to eat if ur lucky. and is really hard to have a realtionship cause people doesnt understand that u dont have enough time 4 them. But is great! u have lots of satisfaction when u know u helped someone or when u see ur first childbirth. I would study medicine again, it really makes me happy and makes me to be able to grow as much intellectual as spiritually.
Dear dear a doctor without medicine is waste material. A doctor with higher studies can play the role of a psychiatrist but a psychiatrist cannot play the role of a doctor as he cannot prescribe any medicine.
I think you are possibly implying that if one needs a title(usefulness of title is another article link) of Dr,why not get it easy way as a psychologist?(rnot that it is a sail through)
Become a psychiatrist,and can habe best of both,if you want to be with the mind matter.

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