Monday, October 12, 2009

Farting gives me physical and mental relief. What is the home made remedy to get more farts?

Beans. Even though this is a rather odd question. Eat Lima beans. Thaey were found to cause the most methane in most humans. Just don't stand near an open flame.
A:That's grossB:Drink lots of soda or seltzer. or eat alot of cheese.
eat hard boiled eggs
Beans, Beans good for the heart the more you eat the more you fart.
Get a life!
eat more sweet potatoes!
First, you are in need of psychological help to rid yourself of your fascination with your alimentary canal and its lesser functions, including farting. However, I would recommend all three of these ingredients in equal parts made into a sort of nacho sauce:
1) Freshly boiled termites
2) Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, aged 3 weeks
3) Black, pinto, and chili beans with a light dusting of moldIf time is a factor, then I recommend spoiled milk as this will not onyl make you fart excessively to the point where your colon may implode, but also you will also loose weight (precipitously)Enjoy the madness and stay away from open flames.
You don't need a {home made remedy} to get more farts. You need to get the inside of your colon cleaned so that you would have continual relief without making everyone around you feel uncomfortable with the smell. This will help get rid of all of the pressure that you may have. Your stomache, back, and head would feel much better.

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