Monday, October 12, 2009

For Marijuana Smokers. Which is the best Marijuana substitute?

Maybe there is another herb with better effects.
I substituted a 12-Step Program. Regarding "better effects", there is NO comparison (for me) - - Wouldn't trade today's 'effects' for the world.One Day At A Time, 10 years later.Amen. :)
hash is a good substitute
schrooms are awesome if you have time on you's hard to find a substitute.I've heard that salvia works.
excercise and a girlfriend
Pot is a good marijuana substitute
Not smokin at all but if you have to.. u can get some tea bags and tear open an wrap 'em like u would do marijuana. That way ure smokin the healthy way. LOL. But like i said before not smoking at all, cuz it kills ya lungs as well as brain cells.
U need better herb, bottom line, but if u want to know, ..Salvia suks! It makes u feel like ur moving to the left when u are actually moving to the right, not good. U've been way vague with your question. Schrooms can be great, but don't affect you anything like smokiing an herb, and be careful with quantity consumed. U cant find hash. U need to be careful, whatever u're gonna get near, and don't ever sniff or inject anything!
I'm seeing that marijuana smoking might be false memory.Where could anyone possibly get marijuana from?Talk to a doctor.

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