Monday, October 12, 2009

For treating most of the diseases ,which is the best medicine-the words of a doctor or medicine?

I had a doubt regarding this.Which is most powerful-their words or medicines?
Serious answers pls,
The words boost the patient's morale while the medicine fights the disease. A heightened morale leads to a flow of hormones associated with well being and the body is better equipped to fight the disease. A combination of both is best. Words without medicine is futile prayer and medicine without words takes a little longer to act.
I don't really understand your question. The "words" of a doctor and medicine are really one in the same. A doctor examines you, asks you questions, runs tests and then makes a diagnosis and then decides the best treatment. How are the "words" of a doctor different from the treatment he/she prescribes?
it depends on the doctor and what they suggest ( they might suggest various medications and habits). but you should also research ur self 2.
I would say, medicine. Because if doctor speaks beautifully, but gives patient wrong medicine, patient will die, no matter what. But doctors WORD is also very important, because patient needs moral support and has to be willing to be cured.
my doctor used to say that rest/sleep is the best cure. this is quite true to the extent that most drugs only work to reduce the symptoms, and not fix the problem. its mainly up to your body to overcome the disease

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