Monday, October 12, 2009

For men at what age do you have to start getting prostate tests? Do they really put a finger up your buttock?

Cant say I'm looking forward to this lol.
For men at the age of 40 annual medical exam starts to include in prostate test. At the age of 50 prostate cancer is prevalent to occur. Digital exam is the other term for the insertion of finger in your butoocks. This is done to examine if the prostate is enlarged. Because anatomically the prostate is near the rectum and it can be easilly reach by the Dr.'s hands. It is not painful rather you should be enjoying the process. They use great amount of jelly for easy access. :)
you just saw family guy
i suggest doing it now i mean right now youll like it
Age 40 or 50 they start I believe. Then they can do a bloodtest also yearly. And that episode of Family Guy cracked me up!
about 60
usually age 40.
Yes the m.d. puts on a glove and probes with his finger. It is not an uncomfortable procedure. It should not hurt. You can feel your own prostate with your long finger.
Doc Dan.
EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.. More info than I wanted to know, Doc.
Along about the mid-forties, testosterone production begins to diminish and the prostate gland begins to grow, clamping down on the urethra. Gradually, over time, you notice that it is not the hard stream that it used to be when urinating and that you are getting up 4, 5, 6 times a night to go to the bathroom. This condition is known as BPH--Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.I love how it is described as the painless digital rectal exam--Right!If surgery is called for, DO NOT let a urologist perform Roto rooter--a large number of men come out of the surgery impotent! Laser and microwave surgery is less traumatic.I guess this is what is described as male menopause.
no they dont do that for prostate only colon check up..
Age 40. Yup. And, a blood test called "PSA" should be done as part of your annual physical after age 40.
About age 40 or up. And yes they do. No big deal. They're doctors you know, so they do this all the time. So no need to be embarrassed. Just grit your teeth, keep your mouth shut, and when it's over, wipe your butt off and pull up your pants. Unfortunately, there is no other way right now.

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