Monday, October 12, 2009

False Positive On Drug Tests are they Possible and what can cause it?

Recently my girlfriend tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists, she was saved luckily. But, when she got to the hospital a blood test revealed Cocaine, Anphetamines, and Canibus in her blood. For some strange reason when she told me that she didnt take any of them I belived her something tells me she is telling the truth. Now her parents think I have been slipping her drugs, I just want to prove to them that she must have gotten a false positive, and I am having a hair test done on me to show that I am not on any then how could she because we share a lot together. These are the medications she takes:Medicine:
ActivitiesWe are sexually active together
Could she hav gotten it from kissing j/wPlease cite your sources if any I want to show that she is inocent please also only show stuff that is relevant no advice or opions I need facts so I can help her I know that she is telling the truth.
she's lying. none of her current meds would cause a false positive for those drugs. Cold meds can cause a false positive for amphetamines, but the positive test for coke, pot and speed tell you she has a serious drug problem in addition to her depression.
the fact that she tested positive for all those things is suspicious eating poppy seeds like on a bun can cause a false positive for opiates buts thats all i know of
She might want to get tested again. The test tube may have not been cleaned properly before the tests were taken in the first place. So get her doctor to have arange to get her tested again.
She for sure needs to be tested again. If this test comes back positive, then maybe you do not know her as well as you think. A hair sample of hers would also be a good ideal.If she tried to kill herself, there must be a lot more going on than you know.No, she can't get a drug into her body from kissing.Good luck to the both of you.
Well, do you know that your girlfriend is faithful. My friend doesn't do drugs but her husband does. She swallows and when her job gave her a random drug test, she tested positive for all the drugs he does- TRUE STORY- She had to go to her doctor to get written consent so that she can get her job back. So, either she does those drugs, you do drugs, or she is cheating on you with someone who does them, b/c false positives are very very unlikely, and almost impossible for 3 different drugs.
Its really hard now to prove that at the time she was not on drugs like cocaine because she already tested positive. The only thing would be to do what your doing by taking a test to show her parents you are clean and for her to have another test done to show that since the attempted suicide she has been clean. I know you want to believe your girlfriend but chances are she did have trace amounts of those drugs in her system at the time she tried to kill herself. Whether she snorted coke or it was laced (maybe without her knowing) on something else. I hope her family is not just concentrating on the drugs but also the reasons why she tried to kill herself and get her some serious help. Usually, when someone attempts suicide they are just calling out for help and don't really want to take their own lives. but she may end up doing that with her next suicide attempt. Take Care.
No, you can't tranfer drugs by kissing.. And you don't do drugs, so that makes even less sense..Some of the medication she takes may contain some amphetamines. Usually when you take a drug test they ask if you're on any medication, so they know that if something comes up, they can expect it from this drug.. But if something comes up that isn't related to the medication, they know it's from drug abuse. Cocaine is an illegal drug that is not found in any medication. And THC is only found in cannibus, which she does not have a perscription to.
There are several prescription and OTC medications that can produce a falsely positive drug test result. Your girlfriend isn't taking any of them. That, combined with the fact that she hit on not one but three substances makes me think you don't have the whole story. Bottom line - the medications she is taking did not cause the positive drug test. Your girlfriend obviously has some issues.if you need to prove to her parents that she isn't continuing on the drugs or that you aren't a part of it go ahead. A hair test would tell you if she has done the drugs..not if she is currently doing them. So it would come back positive even if she hasn't done any since her suicide attempt. Either way, you need to sit down with her and have a tough conversation. You don't have the whole story.
You need to wake up and smell the coffee. This girl is abusing drugs. The thing is, drug abusers are *the* best liars in this world. I was married to one that lied to me so much, after I figured it out, I could not discern what he had ever told me was true or false. I divorced him, as did his next two wives, and he died at age 48 of drug and alcohol abuse. You *will* get caught up in the vortex of lies unless you open your eyes and realize that she is not being truthful to you, in a big way. The fact that you sense that she is telling the truth means that she really knows how to play you. Did the fact that she slit her wrists not send you some sort of signal?
LISTEN UP! She is lying and she is going to take you down with her. When people are suicidal they will say and do anything. Get away from her. Get clean yourself if you need to. You'll never have a good relationship with her, or the family with this cloud of suspicion even if she is telling the truth -BUT SHE's NOT.
Actually, ibuprofen can cause a false positive for cannabis on the drug screens that hospitals use. There are several sources that state this, you can look around the Internet. The possibility that all three positives are the result of innocent meds seems remote though.

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