Monday, October 12, 2009

FOR VETS OR PPL IN VET SCHOOL ONLY! I want to know more about veterinary medicine?

i want to be a vet when i get older and i want to know how long u have or had to be in college how hard it is did u ever regret being a vet and any other things u can tell me i really don't know much about it but i do know i want to go into small animal practice so i want to mostly know about that so if u are a small animal practice vet PLEASE answer this question. i really want to know more about it i was also wondering when u were in H.S. were u always good in science or were u just ok and if u ever did a brain or spinal cord surgery on an animal what it was like.
Talk to a few people about it. First - your HS guidance counselor. Then, talk to a few local vet schools, or schools you are interested in, and find out their requirements. Vet school is incredibly difficult to get into nowadays, so your grades and extracurricular activities needs to be top notch. In college, you'll need to major in Biology, possibly with a zoology minor. You'll need to attend a 4 year college. You'll most likely need to take the GRE as well. For vet school, it is typically a four year college. You may then choose to get a MS and PhD. Good luck to you.
Why don't you speak with a college guidance counselor instead of asking these idiots.
I'm a fourth year vet student in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I attended an undergrad agricultural college for four years - although over here if your grades are good enough in the pre-vet program, you can get in after your second or third year.
It's definetly challenging but there are tons of job opportunities - especially for small animal vets. I am going into large animals and looking for jobs and there are very few compared to those for small animal vets.
Science and biology are great subjects to be good at. also be prepared for some mathematics in order to get in to vet school, such as calculus and physics. It's a big help to be active in athletics, 4-H, have lots of volunteer work and experience - basically they want to know if you can handle a heavy workload.
Brain and spinal cord surgeries are done at referral vet hospitals and if you volunteer, you may get a chance to observe one. They require alot of knowledge of local anatomy to decrease the risk of nerve damage. Spinal cord surgery is done often in dogs suffering from spinal cord compression - due to injury or breed related. Hope the info helps.
Good luck!

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