Monday, October 12, 2009

Fighting Warm Weather - Any Oilment can cool our skin ?

Nowadays the weather so hot, is there any medicinal oil that when we rub onto our skin, it can cool us for a few hours ?
No such thing has been invented -- sorry.but you can do what I do..(I'm in Texas and it's hot)
wet down a bandana and place it loosly around your neck, tuck in under the collar of your t-shirt if you've got one on..and/or
get a spray bottle and fill it with water and "mist" yourself..
(face and arms)'ll help SOME.. it's that, a cool shower, or stay under the A/C.
this sounds stupid, but use aloe vera- if your sitting near a fan, or outside and there's a breeze, it really makes your skin cold
store some lotion in your fridge or aloe gel if you're sunburned
try rubbing alcohol it cool when applied to the skin.
i have the perfect thing for you..It will make your eyes water and tease your nose but it is great for cooling, use pepermint oil..Pepermint is a natural cooling plant.i hope you like it..
yes the lubricant is called water body temp is normal at 98.6 if weather is 100 your over heat lotion will just make warmer act as an insulator inside layer an absorbtion form external source your body will sweat it off in order to cool it self so soak yourself in cool water thats all will help except for AC.

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