Monday, October 12, 2009

For anyone who has tried the sleep-aids =Ambien and Lunesta; which one do you think works better?

Please don't say that they both work in the same ways.If you don't know,dont answer,'k?
When I was in the hospital and I couldn't sleep they gave me Ambien and it worked great! I haven't tried Lunesta. But the Ambien kicked in within 10-15 minutes.
I know someone who took Ambien and it worked very well. The only problem was, you need to get a full nights sleep because if not, the drowsy effect will still be there, so don't drive unless your absolutly sure the effects have worn off! I know someone who fell asleep it the wheel, wrecked, and didn't wake up because of the Ambien. Luckily someone called 911.

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