Saturday, October 24, 2009

Functions of themarginal artery, small cardiac vein inferior vena cava,great cardiac vein,circumflex artery?

that is really 5 different questions, could you please split it up and ask 5 separate q's
well.let me tell u that "cardiac=the heart"
there is a marginal artery amongst the cardiac coronary arteries (the arteries that feed the heart) %26 the circumflex artery, there is one, which is a branch of the left main coronary atery..
the small cardiac vein %26 the great cardiac vein some of the veins that drain the heart..
the inferior vena cava, collects (deoxygenated %26 carrying wast) from the lower parts of the body %26 drain it into the the right atrium in the heart.. the superior vena cava does the same but collecting from the head %26 neck.

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