Monday, October 12, 2009

for physician assistants?

could you please tell me everything about your career and your college days and everything you can say about being a physician assistant.
Physician Assistant is a great career choice. The attached link covers a wide variety of subjects related to the field.
It's like being a doctor because you end up "studying medicine," but some subjects are easier (anatomy, pharmacology.)If you are intelligent enough to study medicine you should give it a thought. The main point is that you are never the one who is ultimately responsible, even though you diagnose and prescribe. This might bother some people. I know quite a few who went on to study medicine. BTW, you don't get credits for med school from PA school. The pre-requisites are also different.
I can tell you from a nurses point of view: whatever you do, do not go into a program that has no state-related licensing. It's worthless. College days.grueling and demanding. You will be learning alot of basics, but you never start to really learn anything until you start practicing. And I found it to be a very rewarding career. I found pleasure in helping others and that was my prime motivation. If you're only going into it for the money, that's not enough to do a medical career. You will see people at their worse physically, and emotionally. Anyway, I hope you find that you're motivated by a challenge because it is just that every day. And you will be laying your own life on the line for a stranger, just like cops and firemen. God bless you. I hope you succeed.
a good forum to visit is going to drexel U in the fall for undergrad (pre-PA). are you looking into going back to school, or are you in school already?good luck, and take care- brittps: visit that site! they will help you out so much. even if you just want to be a lurker, they have so many helpful topics regarding things you really need to know about the profession.

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