Saturday, October 24, 2009

Genes and DNA , how do they differ ?

. and where are they located within the human body ?
Your DNA is made up of genes. They can be found in every cell in the body.
Genes are more abstract than DNA. DNA is a molecule. Genes are "made" or "implemented" with DNA. However, genes can also be constructed out of RNA, another molecule.So a strand of DNA molecule may encode a number of genes, each of which may be constructed of small or large portions of the DNA molecule.DNA is located in the nuclei of all cells (except red blood cells) in the human body. It is also located in the mitochondria in those cells (so-called mitochondrial DNA, which is only inherited from the mother). RNA is located at various important locations in each cell as it serves important functions in synthesizing proteins from genes.
DNA is found in the nucleus of every single living cell of your body. Genes are what make up the DNA and define all of your characteristics such as hair, skin, height, eyes, etc. If there is even one mistake in the genes (also known as a mutation), then one can end up having some sort of genetic disease, be retarded, disabled, etc. Its really bad if that happens, but sometimes good can come out of it, such as some people have a genetic mutation that gives them a natural vaccine/ protects them from HIV/AIDS.
A gene might be viewed as a segmant of DNA or RNA which codes for a specific function. This might be the production of a single protein, a series of proteins which might combine to build a certain characteristic in the organism, or a regulatory function to control the production of other sites also influencing the total organism. Both genes and DNA are located principally in the nucleus and mitochondria of complex organisms, or distributed throughout the cell in simpler organisms such as bacteria and viruses.
your genes are located on your chromosomes which are made up of your dna. your dna and genes are found in every cell in your body

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