Monday, October 12, 2009

For Medical people: Do you believe in miraculous healing? Have you experienced/seen one?

Have you experienced/ seen someone who's been miraculously healed? What do you think about it? Do you believe in God?
I believe that it exists though I cannot say I have seen or experienced one myself.I would have to say though, that I believe that such miracles are generally NOT associated with people who are literally on their death beds with their doctors saying they will die very shortly. They generally are not associated with people who are brain-dead or dependent on respirators/ventilators for survival.Too often it is the case that families insist on maintaining such heroic efforts to keep patients "alive" in the name of holding out for a "miracle". I have seen this countless numbers of times, and as I have said before, I have NEVER seen such a "miracle" take place. If everything was free and our resources were endless, then that is fine, but unfortunately this sort of practice costs American society (presuming you are American) MILLIONS of healthcare dollars a year, which is causing a huge strain on our economy.Again, I do not doubt that they can occur (both miracles in the strict sense or the word, or whether mind over matter or other methods as previous posters have alluded to) but they are extremely rare.
Awesome questions!
no, i do not believe in miraculous healing, i have never experienced/seen one and i do not believe in god
I am not a medical professional-yes I believe in miraculous healing. experienced more then once.
Miraculouas healing do exists.For ex if u think about placebo healing,its all mental magic involved.But there are certain myterious cases the world people have witnessed the miraculous healing.For ex review go to following link:
its not so much miraculous healing, but people who really want to get better and think they can get better have a slightly better shot than those who have given up. i an NOT talking about prayer and god here, just that mindset is really VERY important in treating disease. there's an article on about how anxiety can mimic poisoning. this shows just how powerful the mind is.
if it is god or just the person who is affected, i can't say, but what i do know from experience is that people sometimes do better than others in a similar situation without much of an explanation.
I have seen and cured people by the Grace of God who had incurable disease and disorders or the conventional doctors of medicine had given up on.
By the use of Homeopathic Remedies they were cured of them.
I don't believe in miracles ! God Has given us wisdom to use to our benefit why we dont is yet another question !
Take Care and God Bless All !
No and NO and NO Get the picture?
I've never seen miraculous healing.
I think probably all of the miracles have been due to belief rather than science.
I believe in God.
I believe God has given us scientific knowledge in order to heal.
I'm a medical student; yes, I've heard of occurrences, which are apparently miraculous, but I don't believe in miracles per se. I guess, a few things remain inexplicable till we learn more about the human body. I used to believe in God, but now I don't
I don't call it a miracle all I did was replace the nutrients that were
missing. A diabetic woman that was blind for 4 years took
glyconutrients in heavy doses and was able to see clearly in 30
days. Glyconutrients are a combination of 8 sugars that promote
cell to cell function called glycosylation.
And yes I believe in GOD.
For Steviestar:
This question is not yours; do you understand English
FOR MEDICAL PEOPLE quote " Dont believe God You are one of terrorist Group.
To answer this question "Yes" I believe in God, I believe in miracle. I always have hope.
iv'e never witnesses a miricle although i believe in God and the bible therefore i believe in miracles because they are all through the bible!! I also believe u are making the term miracle to narrow. A miracle can be a canser pt coming into remission. canser was going to kill this person and now they are still alive--get it!! come on guys if u stop believing in things like miracles what do we have? what is there to really live for!
no , never

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