Monday, October 12, 2009

five sentences about how drugs are useful and harmful pleas?

1:drugs are control able toxins .2:we use them against other toxins [or creatures {microorganism }]that are more dang rouse to our health .3:drugs are control able toxins.4:we use them because of their biological effects on some faulty where [that it,s fault is more dang rouse for us ] .5:so pharmacist should decrease side effects [effects that we don,t want them] of drugs because as we know drugs are toxin although are control able.
Drugs ease pain.
Drugs cure infection.
Drugs prevent infection.
Drugs manage disease (diabetes, heart disease, etc.)
Drugs can be addictive.
Drugs can have side effects.OK, you got 1 bonus answer.:-)
Use it when u need it, unless u r not sick
(as per doctor's instructions)
when you use it appropriately (i.e. right dose and frequency), drug is drug. When you use it inappropriately, then it becomes toxin.

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