Saturday, October 24, 2009

Future career in Medicine?

What is a good career path in medicine? I'm going to start my first year in Canada, and I still have no idea what to do. I was wondering what the best career would be?I was considering maybe a plastic surgeon or maybe Ob/Gyn, because these are both high paying. Any other possibilities to suggest? Also, what courses should I take in university to ensure I do well?I don't mind long working hours, looking for a stable, possibly high salary.
Any job in the medical profession is probably going to be long working hours with a stable and probably high salary. It just depends on HOW HIGH you want it to go. Very popular plastic surgeons making millions a year. Some of the best operating room surgeons make this too. I wouldn't be a OB/Gyn unless you really like to deliver babies at all hours of the night and all the time. Its really disgusting and you're gonna get called at 2 am all the time to go and deliver.
I don't know that you should set your mind to any one particular path. One of my good friend just went threw the medical program in Nevada and when he started he had his heart set on Plastic Surgery, but over the three years of school he changed his mind several times after doing rotations in different departments. He finally settled on Emergency Medicine because of the excitement of it and the action. The other departments were too Predictable. If you are just starting your 4 year college just stick with pre med courses and if you get the chance take the EMT course (Emergency Medical Technician) reason being is you get to get your hands started in the medical field and also it is a good certification to have because you can sign up for shifts at the local hospital and make some money while you go through school.
Just my 2 cents:
If you only care about the money then you really shouldn't be in medicine or any other job that is suppost to help the community.
What year are you? As you take your courses in Med School you will eventually figure out what interests you. But if your only going into the medical field because you think it will automatically get a high paying job your off your rocker. First off, these days med school is more competitive than ever. Second off picking a field solely based on its pay, is idiotic because its gonna be something you hate. Now if you really want to do medicine solely for the money, I would suggest you go into plastic surgery. At least there you're mostly working with slutty soccer moms. Don't be a Ob/Gyn when a parents child is in the life is in the hands of a man/women who only goal in his career is to get higher and higher wages.
They may be high-paying, but the malpractice is high as well. Pain management can pay well, if you have no consience. And since you are looking for the payday, you might be okay with it.Take lots of chemistry/biology classes.You may want to look into ancillary health care professions (pharmacist, physical therapist, etc.). 50-100K US without the hassles of insurance/residency.
TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOW:Let your heart take you to your specialty %26 don't take it as purely for mony. If you do so, you'll be happy %26successfull
You might also want to look into Physician Assistant programs. Those jobs pay quite well, the programs are shorter 5-6 years, cost a whole lot less, and best of all, you don't have to worry about med school/MCAT/high malpractice insurance rates. Whatever you choose, good luck! :)

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