Saturday, November 7, 2009

Has There Ever Been a Successful Brain Transplant??

Animal or Human where the patient lived??
No there has not been. There were some reports of attempts made many years ago in Eastern bloc countries using small animals, all of which were shown to be hoaxes.
your a retard
Unfortunately for you - not yet and probably never will be!
no * wipe!
Maybe George Bush.oh successful, nope!
lol i dont think so but i think it might be helpful if there was. but i think it would be like having the mind of one person in another body kinda creepy
Nope. Even Dr. Frankenstein blew it. Too bad, too- Cuz there's lots of monsters out here who need one.
There has been a head transplant.
Some russian scientists during worldwar 1 or 2, build what later would be known as a heart-long machine.
In order to test it, they had a dog's head attached to a couple of tubes that were fed oxygen enriched blood.There is a movie somewhere on the internet where you can see a severed dog's head laying on a table, which responds to stimuly (prodding, clapping, lemonjuice on mouth).The dog IS alife, I saw the movie. However, it is VERY gruwesome to see.This experiment was done to impress the americans because the exchange of medical scientific research and results were uphold during the war.After this movie, you'll find another one where the scientists have grafted a small dog's head on the shoulder of a larger dog.
The small dog is very much alife, however, it has no controll of any limbs.-----------------
Also, recently some asian researcher apparently managed to stick one monkey's head to another monkey's (different species) body.
With was a laughable attempt for fame since as mentioned, this was already done during one of the worldwars.
The monkey's head was only attached through the blood-veins and had absolutly no nerves attached.
The Body was only used as some deranged heart-lung machine.
I just glanced, but your head looked kind of funny. Did you get a brain transplant and now looking for a better one? Well, I really hate to hear about those little dogs, how cruel. I only know of Frankenstein, and Young Frankenstein got a bad brain, it was "abe normal", so I don't think it is a very good idea. In the movie, Frankenstein was given other body parts that were better than others, if you know what I mean. "Young Frankenstein" is a great movie, go see it. Gene Wilder, and lots of good actors. No, I do not think it is possible so just forget it and go to bed.
u need one but no chance.

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