Saturday, November 7, 2009

has any one out there heard of salvia, and organic ecstacy?

i just want to know how they can both be legal considering the effect they have on people and also what goes into them?
Yes. Salvia divinorum. You can research is on www.erowid.orgIt's considered "physically safe" at this point. Meaning that there aren't any deaths that were caused by the plant physically.However, it is not "mentally safe" meaning, that the plant has a very acute and powerful effect on the mind for the duration of the intoxication.In general, expect to feel like your in a sauna (Lots of skin flushing, lots of sweating.). Also, the main effect is a hallucinogenic state of mind, which is some kind of mix between LSD and Diphenhydramine Hcl. (benedryll). Though this is just the type of hallucinations. The mind state is unlike almost anything I have ever tried. If I had to describe it.It's kind of like nitrous (Laughing gas) coming up, slowly warping with a feeling of Diphenhydramine, and finally settling at a point where you don't really feel intoxicated, but you are definitely not in Kansas anymore.Herbal Ecstasy. The ones I heard about were focused purely on Ephedrine, which in high doses can cause heart attack, stroke..standard stimulant situations.The new ones introduce a whole new host of psychoactive plants in their manufacture. Herbal Ecstasy may be natural, but they are by no means safe. People have died from using the "herbal" products, and in many cases the people producing them simply lie. Green hornet was supposedly an all natural "high".In the end it was found that Green hornet was a mixture of DXM (cough medicine main ingredient.) Dihpenhydramine (benedryll) GHB (illegal date rape drug) and Ephedrine. So only 1 of the main ingredients was actually natural.My personal advice: Don't do either of them. Salvia is definitely only for the seasoned adventurer, and herbal Ecstasy, only for the desperate.If you have to do one, do salvia while it is still legal. Here are some basic rules for Salvia, and any powerful drug in general.1. Have a sober sitter. I can't explain how helpful they really are. Not only if you get into an emergency, but in the depths of some "trips" a person who knows what your on, and isn't freaking out because you are is something that is invaluable in a situation like that.2. Have water- Cotton mouth, upset stomachs and thirst are my personal 3 things that cause a trip to go from neutral to bad. Water helps with all three.3. Do not drive, Do not leave the house if the sitter thinks it's a bad idea, do not try to cook anything.--These are just for your own safety. Also, having a sober sitter that can handle all these for you is absolutely great.4.Don't go to public places. People have a habit of calling the police on anything suspicious these days, and while it's technically not illegal to have salvia, they will bust you for public intoxication, and riding in the back of a cop car is terrible when your sober, I don't want to imagine it when your "high".5. No weapons or dangerous objects.--This is obvious for any hallucinogenic substance, if you hallucinate a bear attacking you when it's just your friend trying to calm you down, the results.not so good. I have never had this problem, nor seen it myself. But the possibility is there none the less.Hope this has all helped.Also, push to get all drugs legalized so people don't have to use crazy drugs that we didn't even know existed.Also, get drugs legalized so drug dealers will stop making so much money on it.
yes salvia divenorum looks like a doc leaf .you can buy it from bong shops in the uk
In my state they aren't legal, but the laws aren't enforced. Head shops around here still sell those items. In fact, cops I've talked to don't even know what salvia is, or that it's illegal. Salvia is a kind of sage. I have no idea about herbal ecstasy.
Salvia is a plant that you smoke (more like pot than x). It is also a hallucinogen, were as pot isn't. It is still legal in the US, as far as federal law goes. But, give them time they'll make it illegal. I think they haven't yet, because it isn't very popular. I tried it last year. We bought it from a vendor at a concert. I liked it.
saliva is not that fun, I would not recommend it. It is not a good feeling hallucinogen and I would much rather smoke some pot than that crap
Yeah I tried it and it sucks. I bought the strongest extract available in one of the headshops around here. Both experiences were similar but I think I smoked more the second one and it wasn't too pleasant. I put on some trippy winamp visualization on my monitor and right after inhaling thought my mind fell out of my brain. A few seconds later I realized that I had knocked over my pepsi on my desk and tried to clean it up. I was barely able to take stock of what happened and it took every ounce of concentration I had to go get a towel to mop it up and I broke out a strong sweat. Also had strong feelings of guilt or that someone was going to catch me or get me in trouble (paranoia like when you first start smoking weed).After mopping up the pepsi spill and hiding the bowl I had no energy left whatsoever, just had to lie down on the bed and watch the ceiling fan spin, but I was so hot I wound up hugging my air conditioner. Within an hour it was over but overall it wasn't a very pleasant experience. I still have most of the extract and haven't smoked it since.Weed produces a much funner high IMO, I think the reason the government has come down hard on salvia is that it will never be a party or social drug.
Salvia divinorum is an extraordinary visionary herb. It is not a recreational drug. It produces a profoundly introspective state of awareness that is useful for meditation, contemplation, and self-reflection. Its effects are unique and cannot be compared with the effects of other drugs. The effects of Salvia do not appeal to many people (young or old). The people who are most drawn to it are both mature and philosophically minded. Beware of inaccurate information. There are many unethical vendors who try to lure naive customers by portraying the effects of Salvia as more appealing than they are. The news media often sensationalizes stories about Salvia, exaggerating its effects, risks, and popularity. Much of what has appeared in the popular press is inaccurate and misleading. Salvia is not "legal pot." It is not "legal acid." It is not a substitute for any other drug. Before trying Salvia, it is important that you know about its effects, appropriate uses, and the potential risks associated with irresponsible use.

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