Saturday, November 7, 2009

Has anyone ever had an emg or nerve condution test?? DOES IT HURT??

No I haven't but I'm just about to have one.The doctor has told me that it doesn't hurt - it consists of putting small needles into your nerves and stimulating them. It's apparently an unusual sensation but not a painful one.
No it doesnt hurt, my mother is a RN and side that they are just simulating your nerves to see if they react or dont react, its painless, unless you dont like needles.
I have had both tests, twice. It is 'unpleasant' at times. I would compare the discomfort to an 'aggressive teeth cleaning'. These are important tests and the discomfort is manageable.Best wishes and good luck!
Yes I have had one several years ago. It didn't hurt. The type I think used a sticky pad like those used for heart monitor leads, but there is usually a needle technique used. The needles are small and placed just under the skin. I wouldn't call it totally painless, but it's pretty insignicant. The posted links may be of help.
emg or electromyogram is the insertion of a needle/electrode into the muscle tissue to listen to the sound that the muscle makes which tells the listener about the health of that muscle supplied by a particular nerve.
its mostly painless except when they are sticking the needle into the palm of your hand.
the ncv or nerve conduction velocity measures the time it takes for a voltage applied through an electrode to travel from the area of voltage to the spinal cord and back. its not really too bad.
my mom had one done, she said it was uncomfortable but not untolerable. Good Luck
A LOT depends on what nerves are being tested and what condition is being investigated. My wife had some testing done last year and she described it as Excruciating! (No needles were involved, just surface electrodes and conducting gel on the skin.) Of course, they were testing facial nerves and those in the neck and shoulders. People who have had testing of nerves in the wrist (for carpal tunnel) have it much easier, I'm told.

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