Saturday, November 7, 2009

Has a doctor ever given you advice or medication that proved to be harmful to you?

Have they ever admitted it? Mine are minor. I was prescribed an anti-biotic that made me sick to my stomach, but the doctor said that wouldn't be it and ordered hundreds of dollars of tests. Another time he took me off Lexapro and my head started zapping and he didn't know it was a side effect of weaning me off of it. Finally he prescribed a saline spray for my sinuses but CT scan later revealed that with a deviated septum, the spray was not able to drain properly from my sinuses and causing more problems. Yes, these we're just annoances and not life-threatening. Perhaps you have some more serious situations to share.
I had recurrent ear pain and wax buildup in my right ear for years, that my GP could not resolve. I finally got a recommendation to an ENT. This fellow saw me for all of 3 minutes, was incredibly rude, caused me substantial pain during the exam, and said I had TMJ. It turned out to not be TMJ, but a malignant tumor of the ear canal tissue, that was finally diagnosed 5 years later by a great ENT. It the first jerk had sent me for further testing, the tumor would have been detected at a much earlier stage, and the extensive surgery and radiation treatment required avoided. Instead, now I am 98% deaf in that ear (only bone conduction hearing, as I have no ear canal, ear drum, and had two middle ear bones removed) and have to be followed up every 6 months with a PET scan to catch the inevitable spread of this disease.
Kept prescribing me tetracycline all along I was having an allergic reaction called "fixed drug eruption", took 6 doctors to finally find out the is an awful thing I would not wish upon anyone.As far as those head-meds, I have no faith in those drugs, money making schemes..i think most doctors prescribe what ever phar reps tell tehm to in order to make mor money.sad
I have to take neuroleptics against schizophrenia that are harmful, they make a zombie out of me and many other people. we lose our consciousness, we gain weight and become heavy smokers. the higher levels of our brain don't function anymore. I think those meds are very harmful, but the docs say there are no better meds yet.
Sorry about your experiences,hate to say this but most doctors are whores of the pharamcuetical industry,and will prescribe whatever drug they are making a nice profit from.You can look up the experiences of others on the terrible drugs out there by going to,or searching in google.I was prescribed Avelox for a so called sinus infection,I took one pill and started hallucinating,and had a pyschotic episode.I searched online and found out what a poison this is!I went to another doctor and found out that I didn't even have a sinus infection :(
A friend of mine would have died if she had taken the pills prescribed. Fortunately, the pharmacist realized the mistake and phoned the doctor. It was a big scandal around this problem, but the doctor is still prescribing medicines. No measures have been taken.
I have also seen a great documentary which refered to human error. Doctors forgot instruments they used in surgery inside their patients. The instruments were seen by the bodies of the patients as an virus, and the body tried to neutralize it, but all it could do was cause an infection. The infection had devastating effects on the patient. Some of them died. The lucky ones were operated again for removing the instrument, but they still suffer the consequences.
God, yes!
Wrong meds
Too high a dose.Realize that doctors only do what pharmaceuticals tell them to do. Merck makes a drug, give it to docs and they prescribe it.
Sooner or later they can make a big mistake
Yes, I'm in the medical field, scary huh!!
Most antibiotics will cause stomach upset. The benefit that drug will give you is greater than the risk of its side effects. This is the general rule that is used in medicine for treatment of any illness

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