Saturday, November 7, 2009

Has anyone here ever woke up during surgery?

What kind of surgery was it? What did it feel like? Were you in pain?
I woke up at the end of one of the 18 surgeries i had on my leg and felt the needle going in, coming out, and the suture being drawn through my skin. It hurt, yes. They didn't believe i was 'that' awake, until i transferred myself to the cart after they were done.
No, but I was happy to wake up after it. and yes, there was pain, but at least I knew I was alive.
we'll i k now some people who woke u in surgery, they didn't feel a thing, i for got what type of surgery waas it
yes it was too soon after surgery I woke up and I could not move a limb in my body except my head it was a bad nightmare. I could not even talk properly as the sounds came out distorted. The anaestetic had not worked off and everywhere was numb. I dont want to go through that again
patients are awake/conscious on minor procedure/surgery.
well for me no, i never woke up during surgery but a friend of mine did. when she was 6 she woke up during a knee surgery and kicked the surgeon. ouch .. .for the surgeon i mean
yes,I didn't feel much I was just awake.It was a operation on my eyes.
This isn't exactly what you're asking, but when I had my varicose vein surgery I turned down the sedation and the vicodin before the surgery, and was fully awake for the whole thing. The only pain I had was from the injections of local anesthesia. They used quite a bit of that (it was a long vein) and occasionally the injections were pretty painful. Other than that all I felt was tugging. It was a fascinating experience.I was also awake for LASIK, but everyone is awake for that.
Yeah. I once woke up during ER. I think it was an operation on this guys spleen.I did'nt feel feel anything;you've seen one operation,you've seen them all.
i woke up during surgery.its just as well ,the daft sods where taking the wrong leg off
i've neva been in a surgery myself but my friend woke up while he was having his appendix removed..he said it was @ the end when they were stiching him up. he said it hurt but he couldn't move.luckily 4 him he woke up @ the end and only had 2 deal with 5mins. of pain
mine was dental surgery and i woke up while they were still drilling my tooth and roots i felt the pain longer than most have .
and my husband woke up when he was haveing sholder surgery he felt them why they were still putting in the button hooks and screws so he felt that so he hit he's doc and they came in to give him another dose and hw was out.
I dont know anyone who did.
I had an endocopy very monor surgery and was not fully down when they started and I just started choking
I was in a state of limbo when I had my pacemaker put in last year. I could hear the doctor and his staff talking about a new truck one of them had gotten. I explained I had a '65 Mustang. I could feel them moving things around and applying the wires to my heart.
Surgeons never use knives it's all Chemo.

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