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how to cure it? can you help?
You have to start flossing. I used to have the worst breath ever, but since I started making flossing a habit, my halitosis is gone.
When you brush your teeth, you should also brush your tongue
Bad breath! Don't you remember that commercial? The best way to deal with halotosis is a large amount of vodka. That will kill anything in your mouth.
Halitosis comes from the alimentary canal, meaning from mouth to intestines %26 beyond. Try to brush effectively often, eat the right food, have it checked by the dentist %26 doctor. Cheers!
Halitosis?(always thought that was a really cool way to say bad breath) You can try brushing your tongue as well as your teeth. However, bad breath could be a sign of a more serious problem..Gum Disease. (even if you have no cavities you can lose all of your teeth to gum disease!) You should see your dentist to make sure you do not have periodontal problems. Bad breath can also be a sign of stomach problems. If dentally your are proactive and this does not fix the issue see your physician.Some medicines can also cause bad breath.Smokers and Coffee drinkers can expect bad breath issues. Rinse and brush as needed.
Yes, 2 things. Go to a good health food store.
Take some acidophilus (good bacteria) capsules every morning on an empty stomach with a whole glass of water. That is what is in yogurt. Possible at a time you have taken too many antibiotics %26 have screwed up your intestinal flora. This will build it back up again.
Also get some chlorophyll capsules %26 take them once to twice a day.
Stay away from too much sugar that tends to "feed" any yeast over growth %26 also causes bad breath. My husband has had this problem for years. Whenever he eats a lot of sugar it always gets worse.
Persistent bad breath can be a sign of major gum disease. How long since your last dental check up? It could also be gases and odors coming up from gastrointestinal problems. In which case you would need to see your doctor. Also, some diseases can cause bad breath such as cancer, tuberculosis, syphilis, dehydration, and zinc deficiency. If you constantly have bad breath it's a good idea to see your dentist and or your doctor.
I wish I knew how to cure it permanently. I am a very clean person. I brush my tongue, floss, gargle with peroxide/water, and drink lots of water and I STILL have a problem at times. Tthey say it is caused by lack of certain bacteria in the mouth that feeds on sulphuric acids (the cause of bad breath). Too bad that bacteria bypassed me (and you).
tongue scraper will help
Brush your tongue, use a mouthwash atleast once a day. get a scaling done to remove plaque from your teeth and rinse mouth after every meal.
i have been a chronic sufferer for over 30 decades, i have spent thousands of dollars going to doctors and dentists with no relief. i've spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter remedies that don't work. so i definately feel your pain. i don't like to be around people because of it and it really kills yours self esteem. i'm not giving up and plan on finding the right dentist that's willing to help.
Sometimes it is because you have a sinus infection or chronic sinus drainage. See an MD

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