Saturday, November 7, 2009

Has anyone experienced time shifting or synchronicity on LSD?

Has anyone experienced any time shifting, synchronous events, or other strange space time phenomenon while under the influence of LSD, that you totally cannot explain?
I have experienced both time shifting and synchronicity as well as other alternative views of reality with what i believed was LSD.. though I can explain them and the experience most times never left me feeling a lack of understanding.. when it ever did i always found comprehensive answers in the library.. i do not do drugs anymore and i do not advocate the use of them though i do encourage the education and investigation into the lives of those who havei believe that both the time shifting and synchronicity happen for the same reason..LSD broadens consciousness.. awareness becomes very acute.. ones static state of awareness is a surface base of relative perception.. in the shifting of that zone ones experience of time and space is going to be disoriented.. if you understand that biological memory.. meaning the memory of your flesh carries a resonance of area sounds of near 3 seconds.. it is surface memory.. your short term memory has a window of 18 seconds compounded a search and association response of the initial 3 second lure of surface material at a constant. 18 to the third power collective experience.. information has 18 seconds to be cataloged into long term memory.. for this to happen associations between surface short term memory circuits and long term memory banks.. each bit of information goes through an analysis masking that happens at a speed quicker than biological reflex.. much quicker.. each second.. if you calculate the interplay between sensory memory and short term memory you will find that in between each second of real time we have an infinitesimal amount of space to make these connections.. when we first become aware of this we tend to perceive it as a time shifting event due to the fact that it is not yet our ordinary way of percieving time space and experience. we become sensitive to synchronicity as we step a bit further away from the surface of real time and into dream time which is vast and eternalin this state a moment can last an eternity.. a song can go on for what seems like forever though you honestly know it has only been three seconds.. you turn and look at the others in your party and they all smile a distinct recognition of the fact and immediately every one knows what the other is thinking.. simple as that is.. in that moment the miracle of life is embraced and laughter ensuesthe confusion resides in the simplicity and the horror of the realization that everything is as it has always been and there is nothing unique happening.. and you never needed a drug to understand all this but only the attention to this processmeditation trains the mind to view the world through this lensproper nutrition allows ones mind the strength to stay from distractions and routine trappings of attention.. study programs the mind to follow a particular patheverything you include into your ordinary experience effects the out come of a witnessing awarenessyou are thatthe moment is fleetingyou are not that momentyou are not that vast emptiness in which the moment arisesbut that awareness, nameless, tasteless, seamless into nowfrom all that you are to all that you will ever betilt your brain
Advanced cognative sciences. Everything you are talking about has occured in people who do not use drugs. There are logic maps to these kinds of space/time phenoms you describe.(volumes of data) But as far as these occuring on LSD it would be impossible to determine due to the simple fact that LSD or any other drug would contaminate your subjects cognative abilities etc and render any test result inconclusive.
A long time ago, I went to a birthday party. (1974) I drank some of the punch that had been spiked with LSD. I went to work in a large scale bakery where I proceeded to work a twelve hour shift in what felt like twenty minutes. I went home and slept 19 hours straight.
It was not much different than the effects listed by the first experimenter with the drug.
Maybe Timothy Leary, but he's dead now isn't he?

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